Rope Access System

Dar Al Mozon serves a wide range of sectors, including both commercial and industrial areas. In the commercial sector, we cater to residential buildings, commercial buildings, skyscrapers, and commercial centers. Our services in this sector encompass maintenance and repair (roof repair, joint repair, restoration, anti-corrosion, painting, and plastering), cleaning services (high-pressure cleaning, sandblasting, and facade cleaning), installation services (outdoor advertising, decorative lighting, composite panels, and metal structures), and inspection and insulation services (thermal insulation, waterproofing, coating, and geological services).

In the industrial sector, we serve factories, power plants, wind turbines, high voltage lines, and tower masts. Our services include factory maintenance (silo cleaning and repair, filter replacement, welding, risk assessment, and refractory shot-blasting), wind turbine services (general inspection, anti-corrosion, installation, dismantling, blade repair, and ice removal), power plant maintenance (cleaning of metal structures, boiler inspection, cable replacement, thermal insulation, and chimney maintenance), and services for power lines and masts (replacement of signal lamps, cooling tower inspection, sensor replacement, and grounding inspection).


The advantage of using rope access methods lies in the safety and speed with which workers can reach difficult locations with minimal impact on other operations. This method often reduces the total man-hours and associated risks compared to other access methods. IRATA International has developed industrial rope access over the past 25 years, becoming the preferred method for many sectors due to its safety, efficiency, and environmental benefits.

Rope Access System: Rope access allows access to hard-to-reach areas for industrial, commercial, and offshore purposes. Our system includes:

➢  Competent Manpower: Trained and certified rope access technicians.

Certified Equipment: Approved by appropriate standards institutions.

Managerial Procedures: Strict procedures for all operation phases.

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